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Legal Research and Writing

Joint ventures & Company law

  • Co-arbitrator in a dispute relating to the ownership of shares in a Congolese company, as a consequence of the disputed exercise of a put option

  • Co-arbitrator in a dispute relating to the responsibilities of partners in a joint venture

  • Extended experience as counsel in directors ‘liability, post acquisitions claims, price determination, regularity of shareholders’ meetings and board meetings, of individual shareholders rights, limitation of liabilities

Documents and Blurred Business Men

Banking sector

  • Co-arbitrator in a dispute relating the obligations of information of the banker towards regulated professional investors

  • Extensive experience in issues of banker’s liability for investment advice, portfolio management, information of the professional and non-professional investors



  • Sole arbitrator in a dispute relating to distribution of goods in the United Arab Emirates

  • Extensive experience in distributorship and agency disputes and their arbitrability

Wind Turbines

Gas & Electricity sectors

  • Extensive experience in all issues of engineering and construction of terminals, power plants and distribution networks, in price determination in long term supply agreement, in force majeure and hardship, in unbundling regulations


Investment arbitration

  • Counsel in a procedure relating to the alleged expropriation of a banking investor in an African country

  • Defence of a media operator against the excessive taxation of its operations in Hungary


Engineering & Construction

  • President of the arbitral tribunal in a dispute between a Portuguese and a Dutch company relating to the functioning of a Joint venture in Romania, dedicated to the production of sunflower seed oil

  • President of the arbitral tribunal in an arbitration relating to claims for extra works and extension of time in the construction of a water purification station

  • Co-arbitrator in a construction dispute on a French solar power plant

  • Extensive experience as counsel for additional work claims and time extensions in LNG projects, including extension of gas terminals, construction of import and export gas terminals, gas pipelines, power stations, high-power electrical distribution cables, renovation and construction of hotels, warehouses, acceptance of turn key contracts,  etc

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